Why we support Children’s Hospital and how you can, too—for free!

Ellen Levy
Thursday, April 30, 2020
Why we support Children’s Hospital and how you can, too—for free!
Barry and I were invited to a VIP tour of Children’s Hospital at the beginning of March to be able to see for ourselves the impact of our donations.  Since 2016, we have donated a portion of every commission check we earn to Children’s Hospital via the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN).  We have earned the designation Miracle Agents.
Our visit was a very moving experience.  Children with leukemia, children with brain tumors, pictures of children who survived their stay and pictures of those who didn’t.  The hospital representative explained that the gurneys the kids are placed on to be wheeled into surgery are very high-tech (and expensive).  They weigh the children and do all kinds of things so that the surgeons and anesthesiologists know what to do. The ceilings in the hallways are decorated with the image of “Doctor Bear” and the children are encouraged to count the “Doctor Bears” they see on the way to surgery.  Balloons and bright colors are everywhere.  There are specially trained volunteer clowns on duty.  There is a big bell the kids get to ring after they have had their last surgery.
Especially in this era of Covid-19, it is essential that sick kids have a safe place to get treatment without being frightened by the terrible scenes they might witness in a regular hospital or emergency room in a hospital set up especially for them.
Your referrals help us help sick kids!  If you know of someone who needs to buy or sell a piece of real estate—home or investment property—have them call or email us.  You can be assured that a portion of our commission will go to Children’s Hospital.  At last count, we had donated over $3,000.  We would like to make it $5,000 this year. As a team, as a business, as a company, WE GIVE BACK!
Ellen Levy for the Levy Team, RE/MAX Allegiance
Go to www.levyteamreferrals.com or email barry@levyteam.com or ellen@levyteam.com or call or text us at (202) 364-1515.
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